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Developmental Center

Approximately 17 percent of all children born in the United States have a developmental or behavioral disability. Of these children, less than half are properly diagnosed before age five, by which time they face significant delays in cognitive, social and physical development. Unfortunately, these delays have lifelong ramifications for children; limiting their potential and quality of life.

For infants and children with developmental, learning, or behavioral problems, our developmental pediatrics team has the training and expertise to evaluate, diagnose and care for your child. Our team takes a close look at the medical and psychosocial aspects of developmental and behavioral problems to offer appropriate intervention and treatment options. The specially trained multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and therapists will develop a unique, personalized program for each child.

Our goal is to provide every child with the opportunity to receive care early in his or her development to maximize future potential. An essential feature of the Developmental Center is a family-centered approach in which diagnosis and treatment plans are individualized for each child and family.

Additionally, our team follows babies who experience certain complications before birth, or shortly after. The babies can occasionally experience problems with vision, hearing, communication, behavior, or delays in mental or motor development. Most at-risk infants develop and grow normally, suffering no lasting effects from the early complications. Those few who do develop problems, however, can be identified early through our regular screenings.