Blank Children's Hospital

Going Home

The health care team will work with you to determine when your child is ready to go home. Bring the clothes your child will want to wear home. You will be given written instructions about home care. It is important that your child is transported home safely. Please bring your child's safety seat when you come to pick up your child.

Transport Service

When it's time for your child to be discharged, he or she will be escorted to the main entrance by hospital personnel. This is for your child's comfort and safety.

Hospital Bill

Soon after your child's release from the hospital, you will receive multiple bills. One bill will be from Blank Children's for hospital charges, and others may come from physicians. If you have any questions about any of the charges, please call the patient account center at (515) 362-5111 or the number listed on your physician's billing statement. If you need help planning how to pay for the cost of your child's stay, please call (515) 241-6277 to talk with a financial counselor.


If your child's physician gives you a prescription, you will need to have it filled by your regular pharmacy/pharmacist. Medications brought with you to the hospital may have been stored in the hospital pharmacy during your stay. If so, please remind your caregiver so they are returned to you.

Patient Survey

We want to provide the best possible care to our patients. Shortly after you leave, you may receive a survey in the mail about the services your child received. We hope you will take a moment to complete and return the survey in the postage-paid envelope provided. Survey comments are shared with staff who cared for your child. Many positive changes occur because of the comments we receive from patients.