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UnityPoint Clinic Urgent Care - Altoona

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UnityPoint Clinic Urgent Care - Ingersoll

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Urgent Care - Ankeny

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Urgent Care - Lakeview

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Urgent Care - Merle Hay

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Urgent Care - Southglen

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Urgent Care - Urbandale

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2018 ACLS for OB - Renewal CourseView Details
2018 Baby FinanceView Details
2018 Baby SafetyView Details
2018 Breastfeeding ClassView Details
2018 Car Seat SafetyView Details
2018 Comfort Measures During ChildbirthView Details
2018 Comfort TechniquesView Details
2018 Feeding Your BabyView Details
2018 Iowa Lutheran Maternity TourView Details
2018 Iowa Methodist Maternity TourView Details
2018 Methodist West Maternity TourView Details
2018 New Dad's ClassView Details
2018 Newborn CareView Details
2018 Online Childbirth Education ProgramView Details
2018 PALS HeartCode® View Details
2018 PALS: Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor Renewal Course View Details
2018 PALS: Pediatric Advanced Life Support Renewal CourseView Details
2018 STABLE CourseView Details
2018 Understanding Birth: ExpressView Details
2018 Understanding Birth: SeriesView Details
2019 ACLS for OB New Provider View Details
2019 ACLS for OB RenewalView Details
2019 Intermediate Fetal MonitoringView Details
2019 Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP®)- New Provider CourseView Details
Baby Finance - 2019View Details
Baby Safety - 2019View Details
Beyond Birth: The First YearView Details
Breastfeeding Class - 2019View Details
Breastfeeding Support GroupsView Details
Childhood Vaccinations - 2019View Details
Comfort Techniques - 2019View Details
Iowa Methodist Medical Center (IMMC) Maternity Tour - 2019View Details
Mid-Winter Medical Education Conference 2019View Details
Newborn Care - 2019View Details
Understanding Birth: Express - 2019 View Details
Understanding Birth: Series - 2019View Details
2018 Charity with a TwistView Details
2018 ENPC: Emergency Nursing Pediatric CourseView Details
Outpatient Breastfeeding Champion TrainingView Details