Sully's Story

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Kevin and Heidi Tow with their two sons.

About seven years ago, Heidi and Kevin Tow were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second son, Sully. They knew they would need support from Blank Children’s Hospital Pediatric Therapy after an ultrasound indicated he had a cleft lip and palate – but they had no idea to what extent.

Sully has never been diagnosed, but has faced many challenges in his short life. At just two months he had a feeding tube put in that he still has today. He experiences seizures, is unable to speak, has endured countless surgeries and has limited mobility. But despite his challenges, he is full of life and brings joy to everyone he meets – including his pediatric therapy team.

“The one constant in our crazy journey has been Blank Children’s Hospital Pediatric Therapy,” Heidi says. “We have seen a lot of doctors and specialists who focus on one aspect of Sully, but his therapists see his whole self. It’s been life changing.”

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See just how life changing Blank Children’s Hospital Pediatric Therapy has been for Sully.