Bring smiles to patients like Cash | Blank Children's Hospital

Smiles for Cash

Cash pictured with Child Life Specialist Kathy, his family and at Blank Children's.

If you could put a smile on a child's face, would you? Let me tell you how ...

Through your gift to Blank Children's Hospital to the Child Life program, you can bring smiles, laughter, distraction and explanations to children undergoing treatment

Children like four-year-old Cash.

About a year ago, Cash's complaining about headaches turned into a whirlwind of tests, procedures and every parent's worst nightmare. Cash's parents, Alisha and George, received earth-shattering news: Cash has an inoperable tumor on his brain and spine.       

"Child Life has been with us through our entire journey. It means so much and makes all the difference. Once we're done with treatment, Kathy is the only thing that will make him happy," says Alisha.

Cash is no stranger to Blank Children's Hospital, and the only thing that gets him through the tough stuff is Kathy: his Child Life Specialist.     

Child Life is not paid for by insurance or billed to patients. It is only because of generous people like you that this program exists. Every dollar you give, 100% of it goes directly to Child Life

You can put a smile on the faces of patients like Cash. Every time you think about your gift - it'll bring a smile to your face too.