The Path to Back-to-School Physicals

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The Path to Back-to-School Physicals

The official start to summer is still a ways off, but believe it or not, it’s already time to think ahead to next fall. Back-to-school physicals are an important part of your child’s path, leading him/her toward a healthy future. Children change a lot in one year, and it’s important for your provider to be able to track their growth and development.

What to Expect from a Back-to-School Physical

The ideal time to schedule your back-to-school physical is between April and August. At your scheduled appointment, your provider should have you in and out within an hour. Throughout your visit, your provider will look into family history, perform a basic eye exam, basic hearing test, check your child’s vaccination history, and perform a basic checkup including the ears, nose, throat, lungs and abdomen. The provider will also get a chance to hear how your child is doing academically and socially at school and address any concerns. As children age, this visit also allows children the time to ask questions about their changes and development.

Back-to-School Physicals versus Sports Physicals

It’s important to note that a sports physical doesn’t take the place of a back-to-school physical. Sports physicals are specific to the sport and mostly focus on injury prevention. The sports physical doesn’t address other factors in a child’s life and well-being, which is why the back-to-school physical is so important. A child who has a back-to-school physical won’t need an additional sports physical during a year, unless there’s a change in a child’s medical history that could impact the child’s sport participation. In that case, the child would need to see the provider again for “sports clearance.”

Schedule your appointment today

Act now to schedule your child’s physical with his/her UnityPoint Health pediatrician or primary care provider. Their schedules fill up fast, especially at the end of summer.