Adventures to Keep Your Kids Active this Summer

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Adventures to Keep Your Kids Active this Summer

Smiling children standing outside

School is out and summer is finally here! But the novelty of having every day to just hang out with the kids may already be wearing off. Without the routine you had during the school year, it can seem hard to get your kids to want to get off the couch and out from behind those iPads. Here is where the summer bucket list comes in. 

By brainstorming a list of cool and exciting things your kids want to do for the summer, each day can be a new adventure that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch watching TV. Here are a few ideas you can do around the Des Moines area this summer!

Visit the Pool

This is such a simple way to get kids active and outdoors. Of course, make sure to apply sunscreen (we recommend SPF 50). Signing kids up for swim lessons or just wading in the pool can be great ways to fill up an entire day with activity. Head to your local public pool for a fun day in the sun! For more information on where to go, check out this list of great pools in the Des Moines Area.

At-Home Science Experiments

One of the simplest “science” experiments you can do to keep your kids engaged for a few hours is to make slime. It may sound messy, but it’s easy to clean up and will keep your kids’ hands occupied for a few hours. Here is a place to get all the details on how to make your kids into little Einsteins.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

This bucket list item is the perfect blend between being active and staying mentally engaged. Use clues that make your kids put their heads together to figure out their next move, but also space them out in the neighborhood so they stay active running around. For help taking the first step in your scavenger hunt planning, watch this quick YouTube video.

Plant a Garden

There are few things kids love more than getting their hands dirty, so making a garden is a great way to let them have fun but also get them involved in creating healthy food for the family. Choose a few herbs or vegetables, like tomatoes and basil, to add to a garden. Not only can the kids keep busy all day with this activity, they also can make a recipe with the items they have grown!

Stage your very own Summer Olympics

Stage a few hurdles, races, and opening ceremony to make the kids giggle while being active on a nice summer day. 

Looking for more? Here is a list of some other fun ideas to keep your kids active and engaged this summer:
  1. Go biking on a trail
  2. Make a photo journal or a family yearbook
  3. Visit a farmer’s market
  4. Go canoeing at a local lake
  5. Visit a museum you’ve never been to
  6. String beads into jewelry
  7. Run through the sprinklers
  8. Pick a nearby town to visit for the day
  9. Have a dress-up tea party
  10. Have a picnic in the park

At the end of the day, it can feel daunting to think of new ways that will get the kids engaging their brains and moving their bodies. Try out a few of these ideas to keep your little ones active all summer long!