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The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services certifies ambulance services and emergency medical technicians for the state. It also makes sure that ambulance services and EMTs follow the laws and regulations that the State of Iowa has set for EMS.

Anamosa Area Ambulance is a supporter of the Iowa EMS Association. The association lobbies to get bills and laws passed to help EMS in Iowa.

The Anamosa Area Ambulance mainly uses two different air ambulances. They are Air Care out of Iowa City and Lifeguard out of Cedar Rapids.

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is a national organization that sets standards for both new and already certified EMTs. For new EMTs, it sets the amount of classroom time EMTs need, clinical time they need to perform, and the number of patient contacts they need before they can be certified. For EMTs who are already certified, it sets the amount of continuing education they need in order to be nationally certified.